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Current Shard Count: 300

Shards Used: 400

Cores Retrieved: 3

Purchased Items:
→ Sewing Machine for Kaoru -70
→ Prayer beads for Bon -50
→ Large cooking set (pots, pans, knives, utensils) -200
→ Tofu for Seimei -50
→ Basic salon shears set (x2) and a plain black case -30


Natural Abilities

Purchased Ability

Purchased Talent


Physical regeneration

Blue Flames of Satan*





Kurikara Demon Slaying Blade


Tempered Sword


Healing tonic






*Limited to Bastion's "three uses per day" rule
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MARIE MJOLNIR. She was a good friend, a good teacher and one of the nicest adults I ever knew.

NEZUMI KOBAYASHI. Kind of an arogant jerk.

SHION ASAHI. A lot nicer than his friend.
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RYUUJI "BON" SUGURO. Whoops them sure is some dokis.

KURO. Best damn familiar EVAR.

NIGHT. Awesome demonlady. Kind of a slob tho.

AXIMILI-ESGARROUTH=ISTHILL. He's a blue alien dude. But he's a nice blue alien dude.

ADRIAN "ALUCARD" FAHRENHEIT TEPES. We both have dead moms and demon dads. Awesome.

TRISANA CHANDLER. Mage chick. Kinda stern. Has a brother who's there too, I guess.

IPPO MAKUNOUCHI. Sweet guy, kind of a massive dork tho. Loves boxing.

KARL RUPRECHT KROENEN. Dude scared the hell outta me when we first met. Now he's bein' all weird and protective of me.

ABE NO SEIMEI. Onmyoji, fellow half demon, and totally sweet when he's not being snarky.

KAORU HITACHIIN. Adorkable richboy and fellow missing twin.

CRONA AND RAGNAROK. Not sure what's up with these two.

MAKA ALBARN. First person I met when I got here. Pretty chill dude, and kinda cute.

DOCTOR STIEN. Saved him from the Skyway, but I don't know much about him.

'DUKE' PANTAREI. Nice person. Quiet but smart. Kinda unsure if they're male or female though... ?

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Player name: Jeni
Age: ancient 29
Contact: [personal profile] jenioctavia
Other characters: N/A

Character name: Rin Okumura
Series: Ao no Exorcist (Manga) / Chapter 39
AU info:

Differences (or things that stay the same even when it seems like they shouldn't):

✓Rin was born female, as was Yukio, however she was named "Yuki" instead. Nothing else changed, though. Yuki's personality is pretty much the same and she deals with the same issues as her male counterpart, including all of her problems with what her sister is and how long she's kept her own secrets.

✓Reiji Shiratori and her gang were female, but they still tortured animals, which started the fight at the beginning of the series between her and Rin. "Rei" was still possessed by Astaroth and still inacted the events that led to Rin learning who she really was.

✓Amazingly, gender does nothing to her rivalry/friendship with Bon. She gets treated the exact same way because boobs don't make him look past the fact that she's a lazy, over confident idiot who does stupid things like running off and playing hero when she could just as easily use help from her friends. The fact that Rin tends to act like "one of the boys" anyway does go a long way towards this (but Bon isn't exactly the type to give two fucks about gender ANYWAY).

✓It does strain her relationship with Kamiki some. Not because she's a girl, but because she acts like one of the guys, which just rubs Kamiki the wrong way at first. They manage to forge a friendship regardless, unlike how Shiemi and Kamiki are still at odds in spite of being workable teammates.

✓Her relationship with Shiemi is more or less the same.

✓Oh and when she took her sweatshirt off to give to Kamiki in Chapter 5, she wasn't entirely shirtless, but running around in a sports bra with a bunch of guys around is probably still pretty wtf-inducing. Sorry boys.

✓Girl!Rin still takes as much damage as Boy!Rin in any fight. Being just as reckless as her male canon counterpart means that she still throwself herself in to battles with no concern for her own well being.

✓So yes the Amaimon fight(s) went exactly as it did in canon. Did you really think Amaimon was going to care what gender his punching-bag-slash-sibling was?

✓Shura still has boobs. Rin is jealous of them. But she's jealous of her sister's too, so yeah. And no Shura doesn't care that Rin is a girl, though finding out the children of Satan were daughters might have warranted slightly more surprise.

✓(Flashback) Rin still punched guys. Hell she probably punched more guys because they were douchebags to other girls.

✓Trial arc went the same, Angel was still a douchebag and tried to cut her leg off to silence her.

✓The reveal of Rin's heritage went the same. Izumo was slightly more reluctant to talk to her since their relationship hadn't been great up to that point, but the conversation still went the same way.

✓Everything from there on out was the same. Again, Rin being a girl doesn't change that much and none of the characters really seem to take issue with the gender of one another. No one ever gets flack for being male or female, so it all works out that there's not a lot changed.



Rin's canon history @ AnE Wikia


The first thing most people think when they see Rin is “punk brat”. Even in her school uniform, she exudes the outward personality of some one who just doesn’t give a shit, who would rather punch you in the face first and ask questions later. Mussed long hair, slouched posture, a constant scowl are usually the things that make up the first impression of Rin Okumura.

However there is a lot more to her than that, and she often surprises people with just how deep her personality goes. She’s certainly not as intelligent as her sister (or other people she’s around, really) but that’s not exactly by choice as her problems with fighting, lack of attention in school and inability to get along with other people her age most of the time prevented her from getting a proper education. She’s not against learning, she’s just not good at it, and struggles through even basic things like reading scriptures out loud or studying for long periods of time. This leads to her being a tad clueless, and often saying common phrases wrong, struggling with use of proper kanji and even getting basic facts wrong,

If presented with something she’s actually genuinely interested in, though, she will actively find ways to learn, like with cooking. She knows Japanese and Western recipes and is shockingly good at it, but likely had to learn some of them from books that weren’t in Japanese. Since she wouldn’t be able to read them he probably taught herself to learn from the pictures instead of asking for help with reading.

Which brings us to one thing that is very apparent about her, underlying personality be damned. Rin is very, very prideful. She sports a flash of arrogance that borders on egotistical, but a lot of it his is pride covering up many of her other insecurities and shortcomings. When she thinks she’s done something good, she’ll tend to gloat and be overly enthusiastic about it. When she thinks she’s right, she refuses to listen to others or even listen to common reason. She’s headstrong to the point of literally headbutting a cat sith demon straight on in order to make him stop charging because she knew, in her mind anyway, that it was better to face Kuro head on rather than let the other exorcists potentially kill him just to end his fit. She’s often immature, demanding, noisy, easily frustrated/angered and even a bit annoying at times.

All that aside, though, she does have a lot of good traits that go hand in hand with some of his worse ones. She can connect with people on many levels - loss, grief, sorrow, ambition, drive, a desire to protect family and the people he cares about - and will often make friends (or even enemies) based on these connections. There isn't a lot that gets her motivated, but the plights of others often drives her to heroics, however reckless they might be.

Befriending people, to her, brings about a level of connection and strength in relationship that cannot be broken for her by trivial things. Even when she was outed as Satan’s daughter, she struggled and tried as hard as she could to keep the friends she had made and make them believe that she could be trusted. She strongly believed that she wasn't her father, and she swore up and down that they shouldn't judge her just because fate dealt her a shitty hand.

She is actually surprisingly kind beneath her rougher exterior. She supports her friends and family no matter what, even going so far as to put their ambitions above her own, even when her ambitions are something like ‘surpassing Yuki (in rank)’ or ‘killing Satan (which is Bon’s desire also)’. That’s not to say he forgets her own - she just wants to be supportive of them more. A part of this likely comes from a deep seeded insecurity that she himself could never amount to anything due to her previous failings in life, though it’s unlikely she’d ever say this out loud unless put in a situation where her failings are shoved front and center in a way that's impossible to ignore. She, at the very least, can take pride in one major thing - her cooking. There is something about the way she smiles when she boasts these skills over any other that is much more genuine than the others.

She also has a soft spot for animals, a bit of a mischievous prankster side, and has a difficult time being serious in less dangerous situations or when her sister wishes she would be. She will probably be called childish and immature more than once, but it speaks a lot to what kind of person she really is when she’s not trying to prove something, or hide just how insecure she really is.


➤ Blue Flames: The kurikara acts as a a channel as well as a seal for demonic powers - when sealed it keeps her demonic blue flames from appearing unless she deliberately lashes out with them, and even then they are toned down a great deal. They are still dangerous, though, capable of burning anyone who can’t physically handle Satan’s flames and potentially injuring them.

When the sword is unsheathed she taps in to more of his demonic power, lengthening her ears and teeth and surrounding her in blue flames, making her stronger and more difficult to take down. She can launch his flames outwards, either in bursts or in a certain direction, like when he rescued Shiemi from falling debris in Mephyland with a claw made of her flames. She can also use his sword to direct the flames in arcs at her enemy.

Unfortunately this comes with a massive risk - the increase in her flames also decreases Rin’s control over them and herself, and the more she fights and loses control the more she risks going in to a berserk rampage, potentially hurting anyone who might get in her way. There's the added risk that her demonic heart is within the sword as well. A demon's heart is a weak point, and if it's crushed it could very well kill her.

➤ Super strength: able to lift cars, metal debris and other very heavy things without much effort at all. He even pulls a cart carrying a massive stone monument that even two or three normal people wouldn’t have been able to pull.

➤Swordsmanship: Due to having possession of the kurikara, Rin does have some skill with a sword, but it’s very limited in comparison to other sword wielders like Shura or Angel. She’s training to be a Knight, but she hasn’t been training very long at all - a little less than a year. This makes her rely more on her other demonic abilities when fighting. If she trains hard enough in the future, though, she could eventually reach a level of skill like other Knights and learn to use other bladed weapons.

➤Regeneration/Self Healing: regenerative powers from her heritage make it so that even gunshot wounds do little more than knock her unconscious for a time (five minutes to a half an hour depending on the severity of the injuries). That’s not to say she can’t be seriously wounded or even killed, though, it would just take a massive display of power equal to or greater than her own to actually keep him down. Anything holy (water, light, power, ect) still causes her a great deal of pain or even slows/stops her regenerative ability. She’s also immune to most energy-draining attacks and things like miasma and gases that would normally knock people out or make them sick.

➤Demonic telepathy: Rin has the ability to communicate with other lesser demons through telepathy - she can hear them even when others can’t and can respond to them and be understood by them mentally.

➤Cooking: Also, she’s a really, really good cook.

➤➤Immunity: Some people have a unique immunity to Rin's flames. Rather than being burned or injured by them, they will instead feel little more than warmth and a bit of wind. There will be a permissions post for this.

➤➤Limitations: Due to the nature of the game, Rin's strength, regeneration, and demonic telepathy will be considered "always on" (though the demon telepathy is only going to work with other demonic characters of course). Her flames, however, will be restricted to three times a day unless tonics are used.

Entry: Rin arrived on day 35 and was just barely close enough to the Bastion to make it on her own.
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This is a general HMD for Okumura Rin (female AU) from the manga Ao no Exorcist/Blue Exorcist as played at [community profile] thebastion
Want to tell me how I'm doing? Good, bad, otherwise? Let me know here! Just be nice. Half demons don't like trolls.


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